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Who We Are

Gift of EmPowerment is a non-partisan non-profit think tank community operative with an objective to curb the growing issue of extreme poverty in Africa. We believe the fate of the African people should not be left to a few elected leaders, but in the hands of real local communities either in the African continent, Africans in diaspora, global citizens, and everyone who shares a common vision for growth in Africa. We work to foster greater understanding, empathy and respect for the continent; we believe business initiatives can provide sustainable solutions to the problem facing the local communities.

We are a research and advocacy group seeking out development opportunities that will cater to the social welfare of the general populace. Gift of EmPowerment will act as a linkage for citizens, businesses, Government bodies, Country’s domestic businesses, and other non-profits to achieve this mission. We will operate as a Center of Excellence catering for basic necessities such as good roads, electricity supply, healthy source of water, et.al for the most vulnerable in the society. We will equally partner with other charitable organizations that are aligned with our mission in Africa as well as fundraise for their cause.



Our Vision

The vision is to be a driver for growth and development in local communities in Africa paralyzed by the condition of abject poverty. Our organization’s goal is to provide the enabling environment that will uplift people out of poverty and provide the training that will lead to a sustainable path of prosperity.


In the next three to five years, Gift of EmPowerment is focused on research and advocating solutions that will generate inclusive growth for these communities. We will work by highlighting the critical areas of need, and advocate feasible solutions that will be most widely spread and generate impactful results.


Gift of Empowerment (G.o.P)

For far too long, the African continent has withered into a spiral of calamities which are now deeply entrenched into the fabric of its communities. The nations has become the host for extreme radicalism due to the rampant poverty spread across the continent.

A lot of the problems in the region stems from a lack of opportunity and the education needed to be triumphant in the 21st century. Africa has become a nation dependent on aid, but starved off of direct investment. By any measure, the maths can point one to the direction of why Africa remains destitute despite incredulous sympathy. While the continent seems ripe for investment opportunities – robust youth population, very-competitive labor rate, fertile land & minerals, accommodating weather all-year round, free of natural disasters, etc, it has only trickled in a few long-term civil society investments.

If one looks at electricity – a simple fundamental part of most people’s daily live, this is non-existent in most people’s lives spread across the continent. In fact, 600 million people living in Africa have no access to electricity, and for the few that does, they are subjected to constant blackouts on a daily basis. According to the Economist, the few investors with a heart to invest in Africa joke about living in a “bring-your-own-infrastructure” continent as each firm has to rely on its own independent diesel-generators, water purification system, and even sewage treatment infrastructure. The dire consequences of lack of Power is evidently the most astonishing detriment to the development in Africa, followed by other infrastructural needs. It is estimated that more than $0.35/kwh is expensed on private diesel generators – a whooping 10x more than how much electricity cost if provided from the grid. The economic rational begs to differ why there is a shortage of investment in power plants.

Today our goal as a non-profit is subtly different, we believe in aid as a short-term solution but our key objective is accelerating investment into Africa where it belies to help the people. We launch a different kind of charity – one that requires much more from the people. We want commitments from all parties, prospective investors, government agencies, NGOs, and the people. Our non-profit is keyed on empowering the people in the continent of Africa. We want to engage them as partners in facilitating projects that will uplift the nations spread across Africa. We want to call on social investors to find sustainable solutions that does not just good for the people but also serves as an economical viable solution. This will only yield more economic viable solutions and draw more people to focus on developmental projects in Africa. Our charity is for the people, by the people, and creates a win-win situation for all people. We as Global citizens believe in the concept of shared prosperity. We believe in solutions that are driven by partnerships across all parties whereby investors, government bodies, NGOs, and the people are all equals and stakeholders. No one truly wants a handout, we all cherish the dignity of becoming self-reliant and this is the ultimate goal of our organization. With this mission, our charity will focus on the following:

  • Partnerships thru PPP schemes for Power, Road, and Water infrastructural development.
  • Capacity Building & Education Programs
  • Gender Equality
  • Economic Empowerment

Our work starts with citizens around the world with a mission on improving Africa. Join us to start a conversation, and lets form a cohesive voice that will galvanize a movement. Our goal is simple – Empower the people of Africa. Sign up to our newsletter and we implore everyone to join the globalcitizen.org campaign.


The Mission

Hand_PicHere at the Gift of Empowerment we look to mobilize ideas into solutions by facilitating partnerships that will address the epidemic of extreme poverty in Africa. We will bring awareness to many important aspects of African culture and educate our audience.



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